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Plantronics, Inc. is an American electronics company producing audio communications equipment for businesses and consumers. Its products support unified communications, mobile use, gaming, and music. Plantronics is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California and most of its products are produced in China and Mexico. On March 18, 2019, Plantronics announced that it would change its name to Poly following its acquisition of Polycom.

An angry current employee from for PLANTRONICS, INC shared his/her bad experience in a review posted by GLASSDOOR: "Terrible Company - Stay Away" Terrible management, lots of politics, lots of workplace bullying by management, lots of layoffs, lots of pay cuts, lots of hours average is 60 hours a week, lots of weekend work, lots of workplace harassment. Lots of threats by management, lots of uncertainty. Staff morale is very low. Horrible bully style culture. The CEO has lost control of the ship. To Joe Burton - I suggest you gracefully bow out of the company asap you have done enough damage already and while you are at it I suggest you also take with you all your friends you have appointed in the senior management team"


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Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Lack of Executive leadership guidance. Company has a great reputation externally but internally it a different story. BAD COMPANY, please don't believe the"

Former Employee - Sales says

"Hi - I realize you're a former Poly employee, but if you are at all willing to share specific feedback, I'd love to listen and learn from you about your specific experience."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Plantronics used to be one of the greatest placed to work in the IT industry, it was a not so small Silicon Valley company who did so well it wanted to expand by buying Polycom. From having a lot of money on the bank, a healthy stock, profitability, great work culture and so much more. It went downhill after Polycom acquisition. Not because it was a bad moved but because the integration process hurt so much the entire company by the so many bad decision executives took. Executives decided to fired almost all of the Plantronics employees and decided to keep the Polycom employees because in theory it was better for the business. Management started to take horrible decision, all the way from operations, logistics, sales, support and the list could keep going on and on. What it was a great working culture, it became a nightmare experience with the new management style, not so new culture, since the Polycom culture overrun and didn’t let the actual new Poly culture to thrive. The Plantronics business went downhill since nobody cared about it and management decided to keep taking bad decision ad nauseam. After over a year they decide to start making changes all the way from the top to the bottom but not sure if there still time to save the company."


"No clear outlook Everyone is scared and waiting to leave Pay is mediocre Shares are dropping at rapid pace"

Current Employee - Sales says

"No confidence in the executives. We keep going down and down. So many systems are broken and no solution in sight. Simply terribly managed. Moral is rock bottom and employees are questioning if the company can be salvaged with the current management team."


"Look at the management and let them go and bring back people that made PLANTRONICS who they were"

Current Employee - Support says

"While hundreds of decent, hard-working employees have been laid off over multiple rounds, the company keeps employees who are accused of stealing trade secrets from a competitor. What's wrong with this picture?"

Former Employee - DMCE says

"Hi there - I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner. As we have our culture work in full progress, I'd love to chat to hear more from you and learn about what is/isn't working. If you're willing to do so, please reach out!"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Continous layoffs all around the world is observed. Not safe to join. As an employee I have seen 3 layoffs in a year and got impacted on 4th one."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"1. Brownie point system 2. Get it done mentality, with no regard for WHATs being done 3. Poor management and guidance for new engineers 4. No mouse padsYou will learn, and you'll meet some genuine people, Great Products, Clear documentation, Clear Written Stories and AC, Free snacks and drinksYou will be played so they can test your knowledge first few weeks, Unfortunately thats why I'm recommending to stay away, Your peers will purposely act stupid to test you."

Marketing Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"What sort of company lays you off 2 weeks before Christmas after you've given your all to help them? This one. PLANTRONICS. Avoid at all costs. This is an old boys network that isn't progressive nor innovative."

Senior Fixed Asset Accountant (Contractor) says

"It was a very competitive and political work place. If the employees would have been stronger at training others, it might have made the place a bit better.Paid for meals and hotel for overtimeSuper stressful work environment"

Vice President - North America Sales & Channels (Former Employee) says

"Polycom does not value their employee contributions or tenure. Their management is only focused on numbers and does not understand or value the importance of partners and customers. Polycom has fallen way behind the technology curve and is no longer competitive in the market."

Engineering Technician (Current Employee) says

"Bad company no values to employee and no job security no benefits, no work life balance"

Service Desk Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company used to be full of life and had a family vibe, but slowly turned to a strange hostile work environment. My manager micro-managed my every move, and would even go as far as to scrutinize the words that I said to people as I spoke to them, sometimes WHILE THEY WERE STILL THERE... I found the lack of trust disturbing, and I never want to be placed in that position again. Overall, the company became a dreary place without much life or happiness. The products seem to have gotten cheaper, abandoning the hallmark of the company, which was it's superior quality. Stock options dropped, pay lowered, and they just don't care to help you grow. Unlimited PTO is social-pressure PTO, and I probably took less than 5 days a year because I felt pressured.It's in Santa Cruzno breaks, abusive manager, hostile work environment"

Staff Engineer (Current Employee) says

"No personal and technical growth there Management loves flattering and if you dont, you will be nominated for layoffs. Unnecessary work pressure for unrealistic goals and for the useless work. In short life is miserable.Cab facilityLong hours, cant please the management whatever you do"

Director (Former Employee) says

"Layoffs seems to be a natural way of 'fixing' the bad management within each department. They expect you to work 12/14 hr day and if you don't you will be let go. My manager managed the team by fear and not repect or by example. You're asked to do tasks no one else wants to do or understands. Lack of direction and career sodassweatshop, bad management, unbalanced work/life"

Corp comms (Former Employee) says

"I was penalized for being likeable even though I exceed all agreed upon performance expectations by a boss who was fired two months later. Company lacks leadership and direction."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I have loved working here till recently. The new management that was brought in has changed our culture so much that we are not the same company. Change is great-however there is no longer a customer first approach and the employees are very unhappy. Not fun anymore.Vacation timeCulture"

Channel Marketing (Former Employee) says

"meeting centric company, impossible to actually do work because everyone requires a meeting. Working remotely is not as efficient as you would think. nice office, nice people, they are under staffed which makes for over worked employees."

Director of Operations (Former Employee) says

"Unstable, volatile, no business growth strategy in the face of stiff competition. Quarterly staff layoffs used as means of managing business."

Inside Slaes (Former Employee) says

"This company hires executive who outsource entire salesforces, including the inside sales group. They had unpublicized layoffs in June over 200 employees nationwide. Spectralink was supposed to be sold in May, and it will be sold again. You are a fool if you apply for this or any job at POLYCOM!free sodaunstable, misleading, bottom line"

Immersive Studio Video Conference Support TSE (Former Employee) says

"DO it my way management style, not what makes good "Common Sense" to do to run a business. Values the $$$ over policy, procedures or customers needs."

Software engineer (Former Employee) says

"Management changes things every other day and wants you to keep switching between projects. No concern for your own free time - it's work, work, work. Groups do NOT work together. More of a stab you in the back environment.And many layoffs. Its there way to get rid of people easy and then hire cheaper workers.want to work 60+ hours a week?"

SQA II (Former Employee) says

"My time at Polycom was plagued with instability - the company was sold 3 times in the 3 years I was there and as a result, 3 rounds of layoffs. SQA was paid very low. Manual testers were promoted more than testers with programming/automation skills. SQA was not valued - 11 of 16 were laid off. SQA worked on a variety of projectsOld tech, old culture, layoffs, low pay"

Multimedia Designer (Former Employee) says

"It could have been a good place to work had my director not changed my role shortly after hiring. 80+ hour work weeks consisted of creating PowerPoint slides for 5 C-Level executives, and their supporting VP's.Free sodaA non existant director"

Senior Channel Marketing Manager, North America (Former Employee) says

"Polycom management likes to heap the work of three people on one person and look at you as if you're crazy for pushing back. They give you the rah-rah speech, "I know you can do it!" The question is why do I want to kill myself for their end? The management team can have some good ideas, but they have absolutely no clue as to what resources are actually required in order for development, execution, and on-going management.Some very good productsClueless management"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poly is not a great place to work. They are extremely siloed and the teams within the certain organizations don't get along and appear to have a power struggle. There is so much politics going on there it's uncomfortable if you don't happen to be on the right tribe. Their technology is falling behind because they can't seem to get their organization aligned. Layoffs are a certainty. They often rely on contract workers who don't really own their work. The outlook of this company is very grim. Stocks keep plummeting. Stay away.Nice facility in Santa Cruzpretentious"

Managed Services CMC Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Lack of resources from management. Very unorganized.. Company has no direction. Low tech tools for network monitoring.BenifitsLong hours with no appreciation foe employees"

fanella says

"finally I sent the Plantronics Blackwire back to the seller. Both you and the seller were not able to provide a viable and agreed resolution. Just a pass the bucket game. If you are happy like that, I wish you all the best but I will never buy anything more form your customer care less company. One last sentence. All the answers given by an insistent and careless marketing manager for Poly Italy branch have been defined by the resell as EXCUSES and LIES. Not only. The Italian fellow said the resellers was an unknown and unauthorised. The reseller said it is the major Poly partner in the EU. He also added that all black wires come without package from your company !!!! Something evil is happening to your company. To me, as soon as I will see Plantronics, I will turn on the other side Plantronics is an INFAMOUS company !!!"

Chris Royale says

"My voyager legend was having minor mic issues. Reached out to customer service for repair or trade in deals. They said they will replace it as long as within the warranty. Now I bought it before 2 years and then in China had a replacement for the issue. I said I do not have proof of purchase. Eventually, when I send it to them they said they are unable to find any data regarding my bluetooth headset and it is beyond warranty and they will send it for recycle. In order to get my headset back I need to pay GBP25 for the courier fee. What should I say? As of today I own 3 other Plantronics product and I used to be a fan of this brand. Even last month I recommended my friends and they bought 2 sets of Voyager 5200. You shouldn't have advised me to send the headset in the first instance. I was not looking for free replacement, I told repeatedly. You lost a loyal customer. For others ensure to keep the proof of purchase in the locker. Extremely disappointed! PS: I am not surprised with the rating here."

Tomé Jorge says

"Headset broke, tried to start a claim on their website. It is obvious that they make it very hard for you to actually make a claim. The fedex label is completely misformatted and the info comes from Poly. They simply can't take any character not from the English Alphabet, making it impossible to actually make a clam in my case. Support is kind but they can only send the same label back. Will try to contact Fedex but tbh, this is an obvious easy way to frustrate customers into not proceeding with a claim. It cannot be possible that a company this size makes such an obvious mistake and does not fix it. Finally, when filling the form online you can only search a database, and that database in my case does not include apartment number - another huge red flag, which will make the whole process hard as the apartment number needs to be in for the complete address. If all this is not deliberate in an attempt to frustrate the customer into giving up on placing a claim, I don't know what it is. Maybe this is why they rebranded themselves to Poly."

Hakan Bulut says

"Plantronics products are very poor quality. it is constantly breaking. I have 2 headsets. I will never use this brand again."

Luke says

"Found them a good fit and good sound quality and nois cancelling HOWEVER there is a loud echo when on full volume and talking to your friends which is obviously really annoying not to be able to be on full volume. The mic and the aux are very flimsy and the aux has broken on 2 of the headsets (I got a replacement headset from the store that has now closed) for me and the mic needs to be fiddled with in order to work properly now. I contacted Plantronics about replacement mic and aux but they simply said they don't care and they've sold the brand to Nacon Gaming. I will update when I get a reply from them but I am not hopeful, even if it's fixed I wouldn't recommend this mic because of the echo problem."

REfal says

"Bought Voyager Legacy. Quick to pair and connect with USB or Bluetooth. BUT Audio out is inconsistent and now unusable - mic input is static, clicks and unclear. Warranty was for a year only and the company 'apologized' but cannot fix or offer a replacement. For a device costing over $100 catering to the top-tier business clients, this is very poor service and product. (Poly C# 07864883)"

carissa tan says

"My plantronics backbeat 505 literally fell apart just after the end of my warranty. The right ear cup completely came off. When I called the Singapore hotline (Ban Leong Technologies) for support, I was told that I would get a 1-1 exchange if it was still under warranty. Since it wasn't & because I bought it overseas, the rude guy on the line promptly told me to "improve, adapt or buy a new one. Bye" and hung up. How's that for top on the line customer service."

ColeyGuacamoley says

"Ordered a RIG 500 pro and had a 1 year warranty. The headset stop working in a matter of months so i contacted them for my warranty. They sent me shipping information and instructions to send back my old headset and receive my new one. But i had to pay for shipping and packaging for the headset which was 20$ and i am supposed to be receiving my new headset for free because once again it is under warranty. But then i wait 2 weeks for the new headset to come in the mail just to find out they sent me back the same exact headset, didnt even open the box i sent them and havent sent me 1 single email, letter, instructions or anything so i call the support and they tell me that line of head set (RIG 500 pro) was bought by a foreign company (nacon) a couple weeks ago and i need to go through them to get a new headset??????????????????? EVEN THOUGH I TALKED TO 3 DIFFERENT PEOPLE PRIOR AND EVERYONE SAID TO SEND THE HEADSET BACK TO PLANTRONICS AND GAVE ME THE SHIPPING ADDRESS TO PLANTRONICS. So now i am out 20$ in shipping cost and have my old broken headset back which was over 100$ to start with and the new company i am trying to contact (nacon) is completely in french so its hard to understand and DO NOT have a working support number to call. Absolutely disgusting service and lack of communication, almost feels like a scam they are putting me through."

Rheza Tan says

"Ordered two headsets from their online store. They sent a wrong one, I emailed immediately with photos attached. No response for 2 months. Gave up and opened the backbeat fit wrongly sent to me which was broken and won't even turn on. Have been chasing customer service for two weeks who kept replying with copy paste text telling me to be patient. I ordered two items and essentially only received one! If you can't run an online store then don't do it!"

Devin Crabtree says

"BackBeat FIT wireless headphone do not stay charged for 8 hours. IT kept going out on me."


"Really bad customer service, will never buy poly again."

Ron Carroll says

"A toxic work environment exudes negative communication across the organization and in multiple forms; in fact, negativity becomes a defining characteristic of the organization directed against someone of a different race base on the belief that one's own race is superior.been working at plantronics in san diego ca . There’s some good and bad but on my part mostly bad which is pity cause life. There is no proper training at all and everyone can’t teach you the necessary way of Plantronics way of life so can nurture your way into the company . my story goes like this working at Plantronics in San Diego for a job staffing agency no names. Right out of the gates. Having a good work ethic back ground I was ready to show Plantronics that my resume was not a fabricated and to be the only white American to enter Plantronics could possibly have a future here it was close to where I lived so my commute was perfect . I noticed everyone at Plantronics only Spoke Spanish which I’m not fluent in Spanish so putting this in words everyone is Mexican which don’t have a problem which my wife Mexican and have many dear friends. I wasn’t even trained properly just thrown into the fire. Very fasted Paced atmosphere which I enjoyed because it was my moment to shine even which this Language barrier . The person who trained me work for the same staffing agency he was reluctant to train me cause I was a threat I felt it right away but being educated I learn very quickly and was getting a good response from upper management saying there want pursuit the staffing agency to buy my contract out I wasn’t even there a Month the person training me has been working there six months to make a long story short he was set back to the staffing agency lackluster performance maybe . Plantronics found there right person which I was thrilled to be excepted this short amount of time the staffing agency has never such a turn Quick turn around the staffing agency called 3 different times to congratulate me. Plantronics had to have me I was doing the work of two people easily and Plantronics loved me as the manager explained to me company seen something special in me .Plantronics had to have me even with the hurdles of all commands and tasks of explained in Spanish I still thrived .with the I still thrived .with the Merger Plantronics bought out polycom and workforce expanded new recruits from staffing agency .I still remained the only with white American some of the new Recruits failed because of terrible work ethic. I remained to still pursue my career with Plantronics even at times I felt out of my element cause of Spanish being Spoken daily with commands and general conversation. working trying to show Plantronics what there have. . But here’s where things started taking a turn Plantronics A recruit hes lazy and works fairly slow and isn’t too bright started getting an attitude with me saying I staying him in the wrong direction to fail teaching him wrongly . He was extremely slow clueless learner. he saw the he could never overcome in the way I work fast and flawless unlike him . stories about me talking about coworkers and there faults and so on so on and Being white and not in the with the Mexican click . so its starts like these lies and no more . hellos or goodbye if there was a mistake it came up in Spanish conversation Pointing their fingers at me the drop of a dime. it was difficult dealing with a crew working around people that was liked me , grown to hatred for me over night . But being strong I dealt with the highs and lows hearing trump muttered to like a supporter . it was a sin trump this thump that the brainwashing the other employees around me to my despair . Profiling me as a trump supporter and face relation of being white in all Mexican company. My last day at Plantronics the Friday was windy Santa winds in full effect. one employee always shows up to beat the morning traffic by getting to work early and sleeping in his car common not rear ..This morning cause it was brisk outside he let them in the front door because he has a key . I show up im waiting outside thinking nobody’s there but the two individual had me wait outside in the brisk wind .while another employees shows the door swings open for him I trail behind him and head for the coffee maker once the coffee is made .headed for the break room I sat down and watch the TV one individual starts talking to me about the patriots and giants game which being from Boston i a fan but don’t worship them .the brainwasher starts to tell me to shut up u have a big mouth u talk about everybody and everyone I swearing more using tons of profanity towards me AND SHUT UP i'm going to injury u the other two yelling at making false allegations about me. Employees were on the bandwagon attacks at me I was shocked and said what they said and how Humiliated cause of the circumstances out of my control .yelling at me in Spanish Swearing more that white guy u don’t know who your swearing with your going get hurt ..Everything stop case I woman was entering the break room there no cameras Audio of this situation that just occurred nothing..the brainwasher once work Started he went to management and said I was aggressive towards him no cameras no audio and me being white in an all Mexican company …..Well race relations show its ugliness with a revenges first hand cause I was never asked about the morning yelling match just his story over mine a one way street serious now .in court a jury away hears the plaintiff and the defendant well here at Plantronics they heard their own and the jury find me guilty of being white American in a Mexican company . I was never asked a thing or talking too nothing racism first hand .cant fire the Mexican guys but the white American man hell yeah cause he diffident and Mexicans look out for each other. later on I found out the news from the staffing agency he who called me couldn’t believe it the story was a shocker didn’t ever listen or ask about what happen .it shows that this company doesn’t even do a background check so the scum of the earth seep in laziness and criminal or drug test employees . so the only way you could take me down is by lying to management there been moments I just wondered what said cause this fact I have never been terminated in life and all my past employers with vow for me say he is honest / with great work ethic well well it's pity oh by the way those vapor they smoke are filled with toxic weed and stoners steal so watch closely . And I won not cause I just turn the page on Plantronics NO OSHA regulations any clown just jumps on a forklift goes .plastic pallets are not to be stacked on racks sky high omg dumb and dumber leaders . employees forklifts high as hell buzzing around like zipperheads not certified. fork lift drivers putting plastic pallets being stack on racks ,game over ..oh by way OSHA just shows up out of the clear blue sky, i like that …... ADIOS"

Glen A. Stout says

"By far the worst customer experience I have ever had. I ordered a $7.00 package of replacement ear buds and needed express delivery ( This was the 18th of September). I called a few days later to get an update on the order and was told that the item has not been shipped and is not even in the queue. I explained that I therefore needed to change the delivery address. No can do was the answer. I was then told I would receive an email up at within 24 hours. update. I called again and was told they will elevate the request. I cancelled the order on the 25th and was told my CC would not be charged. Wrong again. I received an email today that my order was refunded but only the cost of the product...not the shipping which did not occur. Infuriating to say the least!!!!! Client support has been outsourced and reflects extremely poorly on the product. Someone in management and on marketing needs to find an alternate solution soon."

Glenn Andrews says

"plantronics plt v5200 - battery level does not last, the stand up on desk charging port hardly ever works, other callers say the quality is terrible and it keeps cutting out"


"The battery doesn't last"

Gia Huy Tran says

"First plantronics, great at first then after a couple of weeks - Mic isn't working, audio not going through to headset instead it's coming out from my monitor. It's not even detecting the headset anymore. Second plantronics for PS4, works the first week and dies the next week. Mic is dead. Not worth buying them even if they go on sale. Maybe it's just the Mics.."

Jayson says

"It is Disappointing that new headset will not fit desktop charger from previous generation, and that device requires a seperate purchase of "charging case" if user want a no plug charging option. Charger pin out and power looks the same..... The days of pointless charger changes are supposed to be behind us....." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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